The design and construction, determined by wind loads and seismic movements of that area. Unit access, which can be either through internal corridors or outside walkways. The placement of staircases, elevators and emergency routes, a crucial factor in multi-storey buildings.
The foundation, developed after conducting geo-technical research on the construction site and stipulating the height of the building The design of the roof, insulation, rainwater provision, ducts and ventilation channels. Balconies and walkways, created from different materials like steel or concrete and featuring elements like safety, flooring and railings.
Connectors used between the prefab units depending on the strength of the building. Water pressure, data and power cabling, ventilation channels, sewage. Overall insulation for noise, heat, cold and safety requirements. Landscaping, parking space and storage area, integral components in both the design and construction process.
Interiors, custom designed to meet client preferences for flooring, windows, bathroom, kitchen, furniture, curtains etc.    
STEP 1: The client meets Modutech with a brief of their requirement and together we discuss the various aspects of the job. This is followed by the signing of a contract and advance payments.
STEP 2: The design phase follows. The time taken for this varies depending on the nature and scale of the project. Design experts can also come in here or if required, the design can be outsourced.
STEP 3: The pre-production phase comes next. Materials are sourced and the unit production line is set up for the particular client’s order.
STEP 4: During the production stage, approximately 20-40 units are produced each week, depending on the nature of the project.
STEP 5: The units are then shipped to the construction site in batches by road, rail or sea.
STEP 6: The project is finally completed on-site; units are stacked and the finishing touches are added.
Each construction project and site has its own complexities and thus the time, scope and costs of each will vary.