1. Reliable, durable and safe: Stronger than RCC with much higher tolerance to earthquakes and winds of 150Km/h

  2. Custom-made: Can be created exactly as per client’s specifications.

  3. Greater Speed: Takes less than half the time of traditional construction techniques (TCT) while still retaining the look and feel of TCT.

  4. Scalability: Mass production enables rapid and large scale production to meet the huge demand-supply gap, with no variances in quality/design across the units.

  5. Easy adaptability: Projects can be easily replicated on different sites simultaneously.

  6. Cost-Effective: Similar basic costs as TCT but with reduced site costs and on-site wastages and disruptions. Huge reductions in finance costs, and lower time to market due to the short construction/setup time.

  7. Reduced Labour Requirement: Pre-fittings take place at the factory and hence reduce on-site labour drastically.

  8. Assured Quality: Building withina factory environment ensures standardisation of processes leading to improved quality control.

  9. Reduced Disruptions: Less time taken on-site means less disruption to surrounding residents and lowered civic chaos.

  10. Low Environmental Impact: Use of recycled shipping containers and other green building techniques leads to reduced environmental impact, wastages of power, water and fossil fuels.