MODUTeCH Building Systems heralds an era of modern assembly line format of construction in India. Like automobiles, the same factory-controlled, system-built and standardized system can now be adapted to manufacturing homes, hotels, offices, public utilities and much more.

MODUTeCH Building Systems is a pioneering solutions’ provider for bespoke pre-fabricated, modular buildings. With a fast-growing need for infrastructure in the country, this new off-site system of construction is quick, customized, reliable, high quality, economical and efficient. It can be scaled up to meet the large volume demand for all kinds of applications. MODUTeCH is the answer to quick construction turnarounds, cutting down construction time by more than 50 per cent while still retaining the same exact specifications and standards of quality and design.

Modular construction by MODUTeCH has lower labour requirements, minimal on-site work, remains largely unaffected by harsh weather and eradicates on-site wastages and inaccuracies. Moreover, these are not flimsy temporary type of shelters permanent, rigid constructions, with higherdurability and the same look and feel of a solid RCC building. The materials used are recyclable, costs are fixed and construction is movable and modifiable at a later date.


MODUTeCH works toward eliminating all problem areas in traditional construction techniques. The Indian construction industry, in particular, is fraught with delays, inaccuracies, labour issues and material wastage. Herein lies MODUTeCH’s role to mass produce units, homes, offices and utilities, thereby creating a paradigm shift that truly “industrializes and organises” the construction process.

Headed by a diverse and qualified team of experts and consultants with substantial experience in construction, entrepreneurship, structural design, manufacturing and real estate,MODUTeCH is a company that believes in cutting-edge technology and design. MODUTeCH is committed to on-time deliveries and a vision toward futuristic and modern best practices. The company’s endeavour is to be focused, organized and result-oriented with great attention to detail.